Company Profile

Company Profile

Registration No: 200502483C
Year Establish : 25 February 2005
Director: Hiroko Kikuchi / Nahoko Kodama
Address: 2A Upper Boon Keng Road, 16-704, Singapore 381002
Tel: +65 6676 9936
Fax: +65 6887 3485

Coordination For TV Crews


Filming Coordination

AMNC arranges the best locations for your filming.


We conduct advance researches to save your precious time.

Location Scout for Filming

We consult with you in advance by providing photos of suitable locations. We also contact the locations for detailed arrangements.

Approvals for Filming

We arrange to obtain all necessary approvals for filming from the authorities. Locations that require an approval for filming include Changi Airport, Merlion Park, government buildings and facilities, and hotels.


Transportation during your filming tour is arranged according to the size of your crew.

Local Staff and Equipment

Cameramen, assistants, sound/lighting technicians, and hair stylists can be arranged.The equipment available includes a high-definition camera (NTSC).

Local Artistes

We arrange and conduct auditions for local models,reporters and extras for your convenience.

Broadcasting Rights

We arrange to obtain broadcasting licenses from the local TV station and also conduct research for past newspaper and magazine articles.


We arrange accommodations for you, including hotels and meals. Just let us know your budget.

Print Media, Translation & Interpretation Services


In-flight Magazine and Jetstar Japan

For many years, AMNC has been involved in the planning, arrangement, and production of the Japanese edition of the in-flight magazine of Singapore Airlines, “SilverKris.”

Translation & Interpretation

We provide translation and interpretation services (English from/to Japanese) for the media industry.

Media Production


Broadcasting Programs

AMNC conducts interviews and filming in English or Japanese. We also compile reports. The tapes are sent over to you by courier services or, in urgent cases, electronically via satellite.

Ad Productions

We have handled innovative ad productions and installations for escalators rails.

Drone shooting

We arrange superb Drone shooting with HD & 4K.

Voice Actors

We arrange event MCs (English or Japanese) and narrators.


Media coordination (for all media ) & Resarch

  • S$600 per day for a filming tour
  • S$400 per day for a research assignment
  • S$40 per hour for transportation during a filming tour


  • S$400 for three hours (minimum duration) and S$100 for each additional hour over three hours

Flight fares and correspondence fees are not included.

For details, please inquire us.

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2A Upper Boon Keng Road 16-704 Singapore 381002

Tel: +65 6676-9936

Fax: +65 6887-3485

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